The following is a list of the services Solace Settlement Services provides.

Cohabitation Agreements/Marriage Contracts

Are you about to tie the knot or move in with your girl/boy friend? I can help you draft a domestic contract which will protect your assets in the event of a breakdown of your relationship.

Settlement Negotiation/Separation Agreements

Whether you have recently separated, or have been separated for a while and still don’t have a Separation Agreement or Court Order, I can help you negotiate a settlement of your outstanding family law issues with your former spouse, whether parenting, support or property issues.

Already have a draft Separation Agreement? I can provide you with Independent Legal Advice to help ensure the Agreement is fair, valid and enforceable.

Family Mediation

By taking a neutral, settlement facilitating role as a Family Mediator, I can assist you and your spouse to resolve the family law issues that arose after you separated, such as custody and access and support issues.

Mediation allows you to determine and actively participate in the process. You and your spouse can choose whether the mediation will be “partially open” or “closed”, what issues will be mediated and when.

Already retained a Family Mediator? I can provide you with independent legal advice as you go through the mediation process, including on any tentative agreements reached during the mediation sessions.

Family Arbitration

If you and your spouse have not been able to resolve all of the issues that arose following your separation or divorce, but you are apprehensive about leaving the fate of you and your children to the unpredictable court system, you can submit your disputed issues to arbitration.

Arbitration is a process which is similar to a court trial, but less formal. You and your spouse jointly retain me as your Arbitrator to make a decision on the issues that remain in dispute. During the arbitration hearing, I hear the evidence and arguments of you and your spouse, including witness testimony, and then deliver a written decision that is as enforceable as a Court Order.

Please note that I do not represent clients during the arbitration process. I can only be retained as the Arbitrator adjudicating the matter.

Family Mediation/Arbitration

Mediation/arbitration is a dispute resolution method that is a hybrid of mediation and arbitration. If there are issues that remain unresolved following the mediation process, you and your spouse can request that I change roles and arbitrate the issues that remain in dispute. I will ignore all the information that was exchanged during the mediation and will hear the matter afresh as an arbitration.

Divorce Applications

Once you have settled the family law issues arising from the breakdown of your marriage, by means of a domestic contract or Arbitration Award, I can assist you with preparing, serving and filing the required documents for obtaining your divorce. 

Court Applications

While I generally do not represent clients in court, sometimes it may be necessary to commence a court application.  For example, your ex-spouse may not be taking your requests for spousal support seriously or is refusing to provide the financial disclosure necessary to enable me to prepare and/or advise you on a draft Separation Agreement.  In these cases, I will commence a court application on your behalf. I will continue to represent you during the court proceedings until such time as we mutually agree to retain co-litigation counsel or that a litigation lawyer should to take over carriage of your file.

Estate Planning

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s, you need basic estate planning documents to protect your property and assets and your loved ones when you pass away.  I can assist you with preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney.

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